Electronics and High Tech

Blockchain and Fintech

Blockchain technology, which combines hardware, software, and cryptography, is changing the way global transactions are handled. It removes friction between transacting parties and sometimes eliminates the need for an intermediary. Blockchain technology is being used by a wide range of industries, from healthcare to banking, to manage supply chains, to credential healthcare professionals, and many other uses.

Fintech (financial technology) covers certain uses of blockchain technology (such as cryptocurrencies), but it encompasses more than just blockchain-based solutions. This includes mobile banking, investing services, and “smart card technology” for secure payments. The Fintech industry is characterized by the convergence of software, hardware, and digital security technology.

PatentPC’s Blockchain and Fintech Team has a deep understanding and experience in navigating the complex patent and intellectual properties landscape. Our team helps innovators in emerging technologies overcome the challenges of protecting their intellectual property and gaining meaningful freedom to operate as they grow their businesses.

Many innovators working in the fintech and blockchain sectors believe their inventions are not eligible to be protected by patents or other IP protection. This is a false assumption. It is possible to protect algorithm-driven technical innovation and allow innovators freedom of operation as they build businesses on it. PatentPC is a pioneer in technology and method patents – We know what it takes to protect fintech and blockchain innovations.

Our Fintech and Blockchain team is focused on solving the challenges related to Section 101 subject matter eligibility and optimizing intellectual property used to increase shareholder value. We take an integrated approach to IP – working together to overcome new challenges, providing strategic advice and counsel, and working collaboratively to solve them.

We also help innovative companies to protect and develop their brand identities. This includes trademark prosecution but also advertising, brand licensing, co-branding, and other marketing relationships are crucial for many companies in the fintech and blockchain sectors. Our team has extensive experience in helping to develop and protect brands. Finally, PatentPC can help with intellectual property disputes (patents and trademarks, trade secrets, etc.). PatentPC has a highly skilled and integrated team that can help with disputes relating to intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.). Our appeal and trial team has the experience to assist fintech companies in winning – in district courts, at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and at the Federal Circuit.