Industrial and Agricultural Biotech

The team at PatentPC is well-versed in plant and microorganism genes; molecular biology; cellular biology and gene engineering; plant growth & development; chemistry and biochemistry; as well as bioreactor fermentation and bioprocessing technology. Many team members have extensive industry experience, making them uniquely qualified to assist clients with agricultural and industrial biotech innovations.

Industrial biotechnology (white biotechnology) and agricultural technology (green biotechnology), are key to ensuring that plants and microorganisms play an integral part in society’s ability to address the challenges it faces — supporting and feeding the rapidly growing population and reducing the environmental footprint. Innovation in agricultural and industrial biotechnology is crucial to solving some of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century. These include developing sustainable energy sources, reducing greenhouse emissions, and improving crop tolerance to adverse environmental stressors. It also helps to increase agricultural yields, productivity and nutritive values. Industrial biotechnology innovations can help reduce the loss of vital resources through the production of biobased products and materials using renewable feedstocks.

Years of experience have produced results

Our experience spans more than 30 years in helping companies to plan, create and enforce global biotechnology-driven intellectual properties portfolios. Our team has prepared and prosecuted many landmark patents in this industry.

We advise a variety of companies, including those with products, processes, and services that are directed at, among other things:

  • Platforms for plant and microorganism genetics and metabolic engineering
  • Genetically modified plants and microorganisms
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Biofuels
  • Industrial enzymes
  • Biopolymers
  • Biobased chemicals, materials, intermediates and products
  • Bioreactors and fermentation technology
  • Processing downstream
  • Bioprocessing
  • Biocatalysts
  • Biorefining
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food processing