Consumer Goods & Services

Food Science & Packaging

Our food science and packaging team provides integrated IP strategies for food and beverage companies. Our clients receive assistance in protecting innovations that involve the technical aspects of food. This includes the development of new products, preservation of foods, the prevention of food quality degrading, and the creation of packaged foods.

Global demand is a growing influence on food science. Food processing companies are responding to this demand with innovative technologies across a variety of technologies (product, process, and packaging).

PatentPC’ Food Science Team is dedicated to ensuring that clients get the most value out of their intellectual property portfolio. Our team uses a wide range of protection and enforcement options in a variety of sectors.

  • Canned and frozen foods
  • Fish and seafood
  • Flavorings, spices, and other ingredients
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Beverages
  • Sweeteners

Consumers are demanding safer and more environmentally-friendly food packaging. Innovative businesses are responding to this call by creating innovative products in many areas, including safety, freshness, convenience and health, nutrition, and environmentally friendly packaging.

Many ground-breaking packaging innovations are the work of our food science and packaging team. We monitor the most recent trends and advancements in food packaging technologies. This includes a variety of materials like glass, plastic, and light metal, as well packaging techniques such as aseptic, active, controlled atmospheric storage, and modified atmosphere packaging.

Our team has a variety of unique capabilities that we can bring to the table for packaged food companies.

  • Design patents.PatentPC has one of the best design patents practices around. Top companies seek our expertise in protecting designs. We understand that aesthetics can be just as important as safety or freshness solutions.
  • Advertising, branding, and labeling. We assist companies with product label review and claim support. This ensures that they are able to withstand scrutiny and avoid legal problems (e.g. a Lanham Act false advertising challenge). Our review covers trademark, copyright clearance and freedom of operation issues as well as country-of-origin issues.
  • Litigation. As science brings new products to the market, litigation is inevitable. Our litigation team has many years of experience in litigating issues like new packaging, food additives, and government seizures of food products. We have also represented companies offensively as well as defensively in false advertising cases, under both federal and state statutes.