Healthcare & Medical Devices

Digital Healthcare

PatentPC’s multidisciplinary team is well placed to assist clients in digital health care, the latest frontier in healthcare management and treatment. Our clients are served at the intersections of optics and optical analysis, information technology, diagnostics and personalized medicines, and medical device technology.

Ideas that seemed impossible just a few decades ago are now mainstream. Wearable sensors provide personalized feedback, smart prosthetics and health, and fitness apps, as well as software-driven diagnostics and therapeutics. Our integrated IP solutions provide comprehensive IP solutions to clients who operate at the intersection of digital technology, such as wireless communication, mobile technologies, software analytics, wireless communication, and networking. We also offer IP solutions that integrate with other biological fields.

Our multidisciplinary, integrated digital healthcare team offers a variety of unique strengths that can be used to enhance client relationships.

  • We are familiar with the many technologies involved in personalized medicine and digital healthcare. Our expertise spans many innovations that combine technologies from multiple technical fields — our clients’ innovation teams reflect our diversity.
  • Our interdisciplinary teams can be tailored to meet clients’ needs. They have backgrounds in many technologies, including software programming and design, computer engineering and optics, electrical engineering and biomedical informatics. We also have expertise in performance and physiological sensor technology, information tech, eHealth and bioanalysis.
  • Our team has extensive experience in both outbound and inbound strategic licensing as well as global patent strategy. We are familiar with the global market forces.
  • Our anti-counterfeiting, trademark and advertising team understands what it takes to create and sustain strong brands all over the globe.
  • Our trial lawyers have a track record of success in court district, Federal Circuit, USITC, and in contested proceedings before USPTO.