When you come up with a fantastic invention or make a great discovery, it is important that you start the process of protecting your intellectual property. Filing a patent is the most effective way of doing so. However, for you to go through the process successfully, you need to find a great patent law firm. They can help you navigate both legal and business matters.

why is it important to hiring a great patent law firm?

You must file an application to USPTO to obtain a patent. This is a crucial step, so it is essential to get the support of an trusted patent firm.

You must first disclose the invention or product you are applying to patent. The process takes approximately one year, which allows the inventor to evaluate the product’s efficiency. PatentPC is one of the top patent law firms and will guide you through the entire process. We take the burden off of your shoulders and do all the legwork on behalf of our clients.

Patent law firm attorneys have meticulous, knowledgeable and attentive to detail. They will ensure that your patent filing is error-free.

While hiring a top Patent Law Firm can be expensive, losing your patent because of simple errors could cost you even more. It is important to choose the best patent attorney for your needs.

Tips to find a great patent law firm

Understanding how the firm works, their pricing, who you will work with, and how they communicate with you is key to establishing a working relationship. You will be working with people, so make sure you get to know them and how they view your business. It is important to feel comfortable with the firm and be confident they will deliver on your expectations. Here are tips to help you evaluate a patent Law Firms.

#1.Consult friends and family

One of the safest means of acquiring a potential lawyer is through referrals. Asking your friends and family about a patent law firm can reduce the number of applications you have to do.

Before your family and friends refer you to somebody, they are likely to have used their services before or heard about their work. Following up on referrals will give you serious candidates to consider and reduce wasted time.

#2.Ask current lawyers

Another great place to look for patent litigation services is to ask any lawyers you already have. Chances are that their firm may also offer these services in which case, it will make things easier for you.

Even if they don’t have such services, they might have an idea of which firm does. Considering they are in the profession, they are better placed to know the best patent lawyers in the game.

team of lawyers


Before you agree to work with any law firm, it is important to consider their reputation. This what will guide you on whether you are making the right decision or not.

If the firm is offering intellectual property technology solutions, you should find out what previous clients say about their services. The patent process can be quite draining and thus, it is important to deal with a firm that puts its clients’ needs first.

What services do the best patent law firms offer?

Your invention took a lot of skill and time. You must patent your invention in order to ensure it gets noticed and that you can enjoy your invention fully. Although patenting can be time-consuming, it is possible to find a firm that provides patent-related services. These are the services you should look for a great patent law firm to ensure your success.

  • Filing of applications to protect any type of intellectual property rights domestically or internationally
  • Drafting patent applications, office actions responses, expert opinions and oppositions.
  • Administration of patent application prosecution duties (monitoring deadlines, payment fees, etc. );
  • Infringement cases are prosecuted and defense against attacks on IP rights is possible (in collaboration avec legal experts).
  • Assessing the IP rights and collision risks of third parties;
  • Prior art research
  • Official assignment of IP rights
  • Advice on contract-related issues, including licensing agreements.

Now over to you

If you need help in finding the best patent law firm, patentPC is the one for you. Our team of experienced patent attorneys can help you navigate the patent filing process. They will also guide you through filing a patent application draft. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and how we can assist you.