How to Patent a Software Concept

The first step is to understand exactly what a software concept is. It is possible to patent a software concept. A software patent cannot claim customer benefits, so it must have a clear and specific description of “how” it works. A computer can implement these innovative features in different ways. Detailed descriptions help potential licensees determine whether they should grant the patent. The following are some guidelines for developing an effective software patent:

Describe “how” the innovative features are implemented by a computer

To qualify as an innovative software concept, it must be a technological innovation that improves computer usage and programming. This innovation could come in the form of an innovative programming approach or a new type of computer. For instance, a software concept may be “green,” in which it can help the environment, but it could also improve efficiency. Describe “how” the innovative features are implemented by a computer in a software concept.

Describe “what” the software does

Describe “what” the software does. It is important to include a code section for reproducibility, and the software used in the research should be mentioned in the paper. Some software, such as text editors, may not require mentioning, while other software, such as bioinformatics applications, do. Describe “what” the software does as completely as possible. The software must be described, even if the software is common, like Microsoft Excel.