How to set up an account with the USPTO?

Table of Contents

1.1    Getting Started – New Users

1.1.1  Create a account

1.1.2  Obtain a Customer Number

1.1.3  Obtain a Verified Account

1.1.4  Update an existing Customer Number

1.2    USPTO Registration Modernizing – key considerations

1.3    Filing types available at Account

3.1 Getting Started – New Users

The Patent Electronic System uses single sign-on (SSO) to secure two-factor authentication for accounts. You will need an email address to create your account name and user ID. To access the Patent Electronic Systems, you need an email address to authenticate.

Registered users have a range of benefits, including the ability to view the status of an unpublished application online, the ability to save created material, and linking it to their customer number.

We urge all users to register with for the many benefits it provides. The following steps can be used to register clients:

1. Create a account

2. Register a customer number

 3. To register your Account and to link your Customer Number to access the Patent Electronic Systems, submit the Patent Electronic Verification Form.

1.1.1 Create a account

MYUSPTO allows users to manage and create accounts. You can access page one to create and modify passwords, input personal information, and activate two-step authentication. This information is used to identify you and improve your patent information security. This is done to avoid confusion among people with similar names.

  •   The name must match registered practitioners’ Office of Enrollment and Discipline records.
  •   To access EFS-Web or Private PAIR, you will need to opt for two-step authentication when creating an account at

Follow the Patent Electronic System Access Document (Patent Electronic System Subscriber Agreement) to ensure the security of your information.

1.1.2 Obtain a Customer Number

The USPTO has created a Customer Number, a unique number that can be used in place of a physical address. Your customer number can be linked to your account so that you can access information about patent applications, such as status. In addition, your customer number allows you to combine all of your filings into one mailing address. Finally, you can link your registration number by filling out the Customer Number Request Form.

1.1.3 Obtain a Verified Account

After you have obtained a Customer number, created an Account, and read all terms and conditions of the Patent Electronic System Access Document and Patent Electronic System Subscriber agreement, you can download the Patent Electronic System Verification Form and complete it. This will reduce the processing time.

1.1.4 Update an existing Customer Number

Any existing Customer number can be updated. For example, updating a registered Private PAIR user simply by accessing real-time first authenticating, selecting PAIR Administration, and View Customer Number Details. Alternatively, you can update the information of an existing customer number by downloading then faxing the completed document through:

Mail Stop EBC Customer Number

Commissioner for Patents

P.O. Box 1450

Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

You can also file a change in your correspondence address form PTO/AIA/122 or PTO/SB122. You send this individual application from a customer number to a correspondence address.

1.2 USPTO Registration Modernizing – key considerations

  • Increase consistency and support
  • Create an intuitive and integrated interface.
  • Improve user satisfaction.
  • Collect and integrate data from other USPTO systems.

1.3 Filing types available at Account

* Nonprovisional– (also in the DOCX)

– Provisional (also available in DOCX).

– U.S. National Stage filed in compliance with 35 USC 371 (also available in


* Design

– Nonprovisional

* International

– International application for the PCT

* Patent initiatives

– Track one prioritized examination

– Accelerated Examination – Utility

Design – Accelerated Examination – design

* Reissue

– Request for reissue Re

– Request for Reexam – By the Patent Owner

– Request for a reexamination – by a third party

* Follow-on document types

Documentation/fees to support an existing application

eTerminal disclaimer

– Web 85b – issue fee transmittal

* Petition for special treatment based on age

* Request to withdraw from the issue following payment of

Issue fee (37 CFR.1.313(c),(1) or (2)).