Electronics and High Tech


PatentPC is focused on the use of intellectual property to assist electronics clients in achieving their business goals and increasing shareholder value. Our integrated IP model combines the expertise of our team across procurement, defense, and enforcement to optimize all aspects of our clients' IP strategies.


PatentPC is a pioneer in software patents. We understand how to protect software innovation, obtain patents at the USPTO, and defend or enforce patents in an environment that will challenge validity in every place.


PatentPC has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to assist you, no matter what technology it is. We help our clients stay on the cutting edge of communication technology.

Blockchain and Fintech

Blockchain technology, which combines hardware, software and cryptography, is changing the way global transactions are handled. It removes friction between transacting parties, and sometimes eliminates the need for intermediary.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a common feature in almost every industry. Machine learning is more than just a buzzword. It has real applications in the analysis of large data sets and automation of repetitive cognitive tasks throughout the global economy.


Our team of professionals in nanotechnology includes experts trained in advanced sciences that underlie nanotech, such as optoelectronics and materials science, biotechnology, optoelectronics and semiconductor devices, and fabrication methods.

3-D Printing

Companies in a variety of industries have the opportunity to benefit from additive manufacturing or 3-D printing. This includes traditional manufacturing, life sciences and consumer products. PatentPC' integrated team assists clients in addressing IP issues associated with 3-D printing across all technical, legal and industry disciplines.

Autonomous Vehicles

Companies in a variety of industries have the opportunity to benefit from smart vehicles including cars and planes. PatentPC’s integrated team assists clients in addressing IP issues associated with hardware/software and communications technologies across all technical, legal, and industry disciplines.


Companies in a variety of industries have the opportunity to benefit from the metaverse. This includes traditional manufacturing, life sciences, and consumer products. However, challenges remain to increase the realism of the interactive virtual world.

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Prescription & OTC Drugs

PatentPC assists ethical drug companies in developing robust patent portfolios that can be defended and create significant shareholder value throughout the lifecycle of a drug. This includes patents that protect fundamental, breakthrough inventions, as well as follow up patents that support product manufacturing, methods for use, FDA approved labeling

Infectious Diseases

The infectious diseases team combines knowledge in biotechnology, small-molecule chemistry, pathogenesis, and immunology to provide treatment methods for companies and organizations that are innovating within the infectious disease sector.


Cannabis Patents and Trademarks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration held its first public hearing in 2019 on cannabis regulation. This was due to the popularity of cannabis-derived substances, such as cannabidiol. The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, opening up new opportunities for businesses in the hemp-derived products and hemp industry

Digital Healthcare

PatentPC' multidisciplinary team is well placed to assist clients in digital health care, the latest frontier in healthcare management and treatment. Our clients are served at the intersections of optics and optical analysis, information technology, diagnostics and personalized medicines, and medical device technology.

Medical Devices

The medical device team at PatentPC is well-tuned to the latest developments in the field. We work effectively with our clients' teams, including inventors, executives, and in-house counsel, to provide efficient counsel on IP strategy, deal negotiation, and other corporate strategic goals.

Animal Health

Animal health innovations are highly in demand as livestock production continues to rise and pet ownership continues to increase. The animal health industry team at PatentPC provides both cutting-edge technology and traditional veterinary science to help industry innovators.

Chemical & Industrial

Consumer Products

PatentPC' consumer product team collaborates with engineers, in-house counsel, ethnographers, marketing executives, and engineers to create comprehensive IP protection strategies that are tailored to client products and aligned with business and marketing goals.

Food Science & Packaging

Our food science and packaging team provides integrated IP strategies for food and beverage companies. Our clients receive assistance in protecting innovations that involve the technical aspects of food. This includes the development of new products, preservation of foods, the prevention of food quality degrading, and the creation of packaged foods.


PatentPC' internet law practice focuses on all aspects of IP on the Internet, including obtaining trademark or copyright protection for website contents, domain name registration, and patent protection for internet-based business models. It also enforces intellectual property rights that have been infringed online.

Consumer Goods & Services

Chemical Products

Our clients in the chemical sector can rely on us to help them develop IP strategies that increase shareholder value. This sector includes companies that develop new chemical compounds and products based on chemical science and materials science. We also assist clients with the development of polymers and polymer processing technology.

Industrial Products

Industrial products allow companies to do more with less, which means less power, less footprint, and lower costs. Despite the diversity of the industry, the IP challenges are the same. Our multidisciplinary team views intellectual property as a competitive, business and financial asset that must be protected, managed, and enforced to its maximum value.

Healthcare & Medical Devices


PatentPC collaborates closely with biologic drug companies in order to create robust patent portfolios that are defensible and can generate substantial shareholder value. The innovations of our clients include therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, and other diagnostics that enable personalized medicine to become a reality

Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies are a big business. The FDA has approved more than 30 antibodies for marketing. This includes several blockbuster biopharmaceuticals. PatentPC assists clients in this industry to manage intellectual property issues and ensures they are able to navigate development hurdles while achieving ambitious financial goals.

Industrial and Agricultural Biotech

The team at PatentPC is well-versed in plant and microorganism genes; molecular biology; cellular biology and gene engineering; plant growth & development; chemistry and biochemistry; as well as bioreactor fermentation and bioprocessing technology.