Patent protection for software, where recognized, is available for inventions that are new, useful, and non-obvious in any technology field. The criteria of patentability are established in national patent laws.

The first step to understand PAT testing is to understand what it is. A PAT test is a process that ensures that electrical equipment is safe to use. This process is done by performing a visual inspection of the electrical equipment. The visual inspection involves taking off the cover of a plug or equipment casing and looking at the internal parts. 

PAT Testing is mandatory to determine whether your software has met the required specifications. The software is put on trial to the general public, who chooses whether to accept what it offers. Several devices and applications have been modified to do these tests. Each works differently from the other the features are different.

These programs include the KEWPAT and SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition. These programs allow you to manually enter the necessary data and generate certificates and reports per the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition. Some of these software applications are compatible with iOS and Android devices. The programs also allow you to import PAT test results from your Kewtech SMARTPAT App.

This article will explore the KEWPAT Manual Plus Edition and Simply Pats Manual Plus Edition and compare these options to KEWPAT Mobile and Simply Pats. Both products support multiple locations, customers, sites, and PAT Testing Data import.


Kewtech’s SMARTPAT Pro Software Kit comes with a PAT tester, a PAT label printer, and various accessories. In addition to a manual software package, this kit includes a 110V power adaptor, socket testers for testing IT and AV leads, and a carry case for all your equipment. You can test anything from extension leads to appliances with the included accessories.

The KEWPAT SMARTPAT PAT Tester is a device that can work with a smartphone. The SMARTPAT connects wirelessly to a PAT tester and allows you to store your test results in the app for future use. Unlike downloadable PAT testers, this device is compatible with Simply Pats V7 Manual Plus Software, a comprehensive data management and reporting program that works with any PAT tester. Simply Pat is a portable software test program that has existed since 2000.

The Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro Software Kit features an advanced PAT tester, label printer, and the KEWPAT App. The software also includes additional extended earth bond testing and PRCD testing tools.

Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro software is a full-featured PAT testing solution for large-scale businesses. If you need to conduct large amounts of PAT tests, you will want the SMARTPAT Pro Software Kit, which includes the smart PAT tester and software package.

Through its features, The Kewtech SMARTPAT TESTER will show whether a portable appliance passed or failed a test by changing colors to either show pass or fail.

Simply Pats

In addition to its comprehensive list of features, Simply Pats is packed with features that will make your work easier. Simply Pats has enhanced invoicing features, price schemes for different customers, discounts, and VAT, among its many functions. It also features multiple users and allows you to export PAT reports easily. Besides, it offers a convenient export feature for printing and downloading your data. Here are some of the top features of Simply Pats:

Simply Pats Manual V7 is an excellent, low-cost solution for portable appliance testers. The software allows you to enter data for testing portable appliances, review your test results, and print your results – all from the comfort of your office. Simply Pats Manual V7 is the first choice of small businesses, while fully-downloadable software is usually an unnecessary expense. It offers several features, including a database-driven GUI and easy-to-use features.

It also allows you to import and export data to Android apps. You can also use the WiFi Utility feature of Simply Pats V7 Software. Alternatively, data can be transferred via a USB cable or email. Data can also be sent via email to compatible iOS apps. Moreover, Simply Pats supports bulk editing of codes. Its bulk Replace feature allows you to add codes if the information is not entered manually during testing. It also has many valuable features, including an Auto-incrementing Invoice Number, Extra Charges, Repair Schemes, a Calculator, and User Defined Price.

Besides its robust PAT tester, Simply Pats offers other essential tools like a data management system and reporting software. It can communicate with over fifty brands of non-downloading PAT testers and supports multicore cable testing. Furthermore, it helps you manage your client database and generate reports per the IET Code of Practice Fourth Edition. Finally, simply Pats V7 Manual Plus Software is compatible with Simply Pats applications and apps. Kewtech KEWPAT App allows remote control of the Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester and is compatible with Simply Pats V7 Manual Plus Software.

You can customize your reports with your company logo and a digital signature. You can also choose whether to print multiple reports at once or save them to PDF. Additionally, you can export your data as an Access database, Excel Spread Sheet, and XML. Simply Pats V7 Manual Plus Software supports batch testing and is suitable for both in-house and professional electricians. It also allows you to generate detailed invoices and reports.

KEWPAT Manual Plus Edition

KewPats Manual Plus Edition software is a powerful data management and reporting program. Its features include data import/export, batch changes, and sorting and grouping. Moreover, KEWPAT lets you see when an appliance is due for maintenance, so you can schedule an appointment to have it serviced.

The software also supports importing and exporting data to and from KEWPAT. KEWPAT allows users to quickly enter Appliance Information or PAT Test Data via their Android or iOS devices.

KEWPAT Manual Plus Edition is a powerful tool with various features. It takes photographs of appliances and exports them to an easily accessible Cloud Folder or WiFi. It has over ten PAT Label Templates and QR Code options.

The software requires a Bluetooth printer and a computer that supports it. This software will help you test software applications safely and effectively.

simplyPats V7 Manual Plus Software

SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Software is compatible with a wide variety of non-downloading PAT testers. It lets you manage test results, creates reports, and manage client databases. This software is compatible with over 20 different brands of non-downloading PAT testers. You can customize the program to display your company’s logo and digital signature. Moreover, the software also allows you to control the tester remotely using QR and barcode options.

SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition Software supports KEWPAT App. It also allows you to manage data in a fully functional database. You can easily import test data and generate a report. You can also manage customer records and invoices.

The software is compatible with most software pat testers. You can download the latest version here. The software also supports the KEWPAT App, a free download from the official KewPat website.

SimplyPATs V7 Manual Plus software supports wireless data transfer, USB, email, and cloud storage. You can quickly generate invoices based on the PAT tester’s spare notes information. Furthermore, the software allows you to export PAT reports to Microsoft Outlook. It can also export to Word documents and emails. It will send reminders about due dates and retests.

Joblogic Mobile

PAT testing contractors schedule hundreds of customer sites every month. Each engineer collects a large amount of compliance data on each visit. These records are then manually downloaded and sent back to the office.

Joblogic’s mobile app allows engineers to connect with their testers and send real-time data back to the office. This allows the customer to see real-time compliance data, and engineers can create invoices faster than ever. Here’s how Joblogic can help you improve your service.

Joblogic offers a vast selection of web-based electronic forms to meet the needs of a variety of industries. It’s easy to move from traditional paper forms to digital forms, and the software allows on-site technicians to complete them with their mobile devices without needing Internet connectivity. Once completed, these forms can be sent back to the office for review or approval. Joblogic’s mobile application also supports offline capabilities, enabling field technicians to collect data without an internet connection.

The application combines functions such as preventative maintenance and resource scheduling efficiently. Of interest is its Software-as-a-Service solution, which treats all tenants, clients, structures, and facilities sections as customers. This means they can get their portal to request services or obtain information. It can be accessed via a mobile application, which can help to increase customer confidence.

This software provides real-time updates to the back-office system, allowing managers and technicians to see the information they need at a glance. Joblogic Mobile is also designed to make it easy to track field technicians and capture paperwork in the field. Furthermore, the software offers GPS functionality, meaning mobile technicians can take photos of jobs on the move. Using this feature, managers can quickly review and track technician performance and make informed decisions, all while on the job.

The forms are securely stored in the cloud. Users can access them from any device, and all reports are stored in one central system. The application also has a mobile form builder that allows users to customize the information they want to capture. It can even store all the information a worker enters in the field in real-time. Notably, Joblogic can be customized to suit specific workflows and processes. A complete list of its features can be found here.

Why you need a PAT test for software

The primary purpose of PAT testing is to ensure the safety of electrical equipment. It is an integral part of electrical safety and is essential for any business. However, it is important to note that PAT testers are highly sophisticated instruments and must be calibrated annually. If you are not correctly calibrated, you could be in trouble if you need to prove the PAT results in a legal claim.

PAT testers come in various price ranges and offer different functions. Some are budget models, while others have more advanced features. It is essential to decide which type of tester is best for you based on your particular needs. Deciding whether you want a manual or downloadable tester is also essential.

Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) test instruments are useful for conducting electrical safety tests on appliances. These instruments can test many electrical safety parameters, including earth continuity and insulation resistance. Some can even record the location and status of appliances. In addition, they also perform visual inspections. With a PAT tester, you can ensure that your appliance will work properly.

How to conduct a PAT test

To perform a PAT test, you must purchase software designed for this purpose. There are many different types of software that you can purchase to assist in this process. A good software solution will have a wide range of features that will help you professionally perform your tests.

The software package will allow you to create a professional PAT report. With this report, you can provide it to your clients without much hassle. This will increase your professional reputation and encourage repeat business. You can use this software to create your PAT reports.