A tantalum capacitor includes an amorphous tantalum body that has a tantalum wire exposed on one side of the tantalum body; an encapsulated portion that includes two surfaces which are opposing in a thickness direction with fourth and third surfaces contrasting in the width direction, and the fifth and sixth surface that oppose in a longitudinal direction, the molded portion that surrounds the tantalum body; an anode lead frame comprising an anode connector member as well as an anode terminal that are connected to the tantalum wire, accessible through the second layer of the molded part and a cathode lead frame separated from the anode lead frames and exposed through the second layer of the molded part, wherein end portions of the tantalum wire, the anode connection member and the anode connection member in the longitudinal direction are in the similar plane.

A tantalum (Ta) material is a metal having mechanical or physical characteristics such as a high melting point, excellent ductility and excellent corrosion-resistance, and is widely used in various fields throughout industries such as theelectrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, aerospace, and defense industries. Because the material can form a stable anodic oxide film, tantalum has been widely used as an alloy to form anodes to make small capacitors. Recently, inaccordance with the rapid growth of information technology (IT) industries such as electronics information and communications technology (ICT) and electronics technology, tantalum is increasingly used on a year-on-year basis.

Conventional tantalum capacitors use a structure that allows a terminal to be extracted externally by using a structure using an internal lead frame, or one that does not have an internal lead frame or frame in order to connect the tantalummaterial to the electrode.

This happens where a structure is equipped with an internal lead frame. The space that is occupied by the molded area by tantalum may be reduced through a frame constituting an and a cathode. Since capacitance is proportional with the volume of the tantalum, this may cause an increase in capacitance. If an external terminal is removed from a structure that does not have a frame, it has been shown that the ESR of the capacitor may increase because of the increased resistance to contact of several materials.

Additionally there is an arrangement in which the terminal is removed externally without a conventional frame due to the fact that an internal volume percentage of the tantalum substance is decreased due to the fact that a distance for welding an anode wire and an anode lead frame should be necessarily secured, there is a problem in which the capacitance decreases.

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