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A semiconductor device comprises the bit line that extends in a single direction and a gate electrode that extends in a second direction and a semiconductor design that extends in a 3rd direction and connected to the bit line, and an electrical capacitor. The capacitor is comprised of a first electrode connected to the pattern of the semiconductor and a dielectric film between the electrodes first and second. The first or second direction is perpendicular to upper surface. The first electrode consists of two plate regions that are parallel to the substrate’s upper side, as well as an area of connecting which connects the lower and upper plate regions. The upper and the lower plate regions of the first electrode have an upper and lower surface facing each one. The dielectric film is extending along the upper and the lower surfaces of the lower and upper plate regions of the first electrode.

1. Field

Ingenious concepts pertain to a semiconductor memory device and/or methods for fabricating the same, and more particularly to a three-dimensional semiconductor memory device that has improved electrical characteristics and/or a method for fabricating the identical.

2. Description of Related Art

A greater degree of integration between semiconductor elements could be needed to ensure a satisfactory efficiency and lower costs for consumers. An increase in density is possible with semiconductor elements. The degree of integration may be a major factor determining the price of the product.

In the case of a traditional two-dimensional semiconductor element because the degree of integration is determined by the area occupied by a unit memory cell, it is heavily affected by the quality of technology used in the process of creating fine patterns. The use of costly equipment to reduce the size of patterns has led to an increase in the integration of two-dimensional semiconductor elements. But, it’s still feasible to attain an increased degree of integration. Therefore, three-dimensional semiconductor memory elements that include memory cells that are designed three-dimensionally are being considered.

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