International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY)

Specific encryption that is based on topical issues in a message queue with a publish/subscribe option. Topic-based encryption driven by encryption policies to store and receiving messages uses the process of logging and activity tracking to guarantee the security of certain areas associated with encrypted messages. The authentication of both the publisher and consumer ensure encryption keys and decryption keys are utilized with confidence.

The present invention relates generally to systems for storing messages and more specifically to the processing of messages within the message queuing system in a secure way.

Information technology is known for its core competency in managing messages and information exchanges between businesses, between corporations, and between consumers to companies. For a long time, messaging systems have been utilized to store, forward, and distribute messages. In recent times, messaging systems such as Kafka are being considered as a form of database. These systems for messaging are increasingly being implemented in cloud computing systems in tandem with this development. (Note That the phrase “KAFKA” can be subject to trademark rights throughout the world however, is used only for the purposes of referring to products and services that are properly registered with the marks in the specific circumstances in which such rights are in place.

It is known for a secure key management system and a data transmission system which includes the transition system, a data consumption network device as well as a user network device as well as a data transmission network. The transmission management system is configured to collect user-specific data from the device that is a user through the data transmission network and receive a request for a specific service in relation to processing the data of the user using a proprietary method offered by the data consumption network device.

Additionally, it is known for a system that propagates policies for network configuration to utilize the publish/subscribe messaging system. In operation, the system is able to receive via the publish/subscribe messaging system as well as other messages that include the first version of a configuration policy from the policy server.

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