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The invention reveals the computer-implemented medium, process, and system. In a computer-implemented process executed by a node of a blockchain in a blockchain network, a traffic access request initiated by event-tracking is received at the blockchain node. The blockchain node invokes the traffic recording logic within the smartcontract that is published on a Blockchain to respond to the request for access. The information on traffic statistics of the actual traffic usage is recorded upon response to the invocation of the traffic recording logic. The traffic statistic information is published on the blockchain.

Gathering statistics on traffic through event tracking is a popular method of collecting traffic statistics. Event tracking using mobile devices is used as an instance. Since the mobile Internet age mobile devices have evolved into essential to users’ lives and are the primary battleground where Internet platforms operate in terms of traffic and people who use their services daily. Internet applications can pull traffic from a variety of sources, such as search engines, advertisements or third-party platforms as well as direct traffic. When traffic is generated through third-party platforms, to ensure that the correct data about traffic is collected cooperating parties generally gather statistics on event tracking traffic on their own and then conduct confirmation and traffic settlement. However, inconsistency in traffic statistics collection often occurs in the settlement, and sometimes there can be significant differences, resulting in a large quantity of audit difficulties and increasedcommunication costs.

This is the reason why the various embodiments in the present specification offer -based on traffic statistics methods and devices to increase the accuracy.

These technological solutions permit you to use one or more embodiments in the current specification.

In accordance with a first feature, there is a blockchain-based traffic methods for collecting statistics is offered. The method consists of the following: A request for access to traffic is sent out by event tracking. The traffic recording logic is invoked in response to the traffic request in order to capture information about traffic statistics. The data on traffic statistics is then published to the .

A second aspect describes an -based traffic statistics collection device. The apparatus includes components: a module for receiving requests that is configured to receive a traffic access request triggered by event tracking; an information recording module that is configured to, in response to the traffic access request, activate the traffic recording logic described in a smart contract published on the blockchain to record traffic statistics information for current traffic access. It also has an information publishing module that can publish the traffic statistics information on the blockchain.

The third part describes a -based data collection device. The device comprises the processor and a memory that stores an executable machine instruction. The instruction can be used to carry out the block-based data collection procedure according to any of these methods. It is akin to -based data collection logic.

According to the blockchain-based traffic statistics collection methods, apparatuses, and devices in one or more of the embodiments of the current specification, parties involved in traffic statistics collection agree to a transparent contract terms prior to collaborating. A smart contract is clear, transparent, and open, & clear. It means any black box problems in the systems of the parties can be addressed and any doubt is removed. Smart contracts allow the parties to automatically collect traffic statistics, improving the accuracy of traffic data.

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