DISH Network L.L.C. (Englewood, CO)

Methods of systems, machines, and machine-readable media for adapting content-based composites to the operations of an endpoint media device are described. Blockchain information associated with a blockchain address could be processed by one or more processing devices. A number of processing devices can connect the blockchain data and/or address to a single media device. Based at the very least on the blockchain data, the first content composite could be recognized by one or more processing devices in order to delivery by a content provider system via several networks to the first endpoint media device. The first component in the content may be sent if, following the delivery of the initial composite to the endpoint media devices, either the first or second media devices execute at least one operation in connection with the first composite.

The development of wireless networks as well as distribution platforms may pose a variety of challenges and challenges for content delivery within packet streams per Internet Protocol (IP), the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) 3.0standard, or a like protocol. These modes of delivery are not linear, as opposed to traditional TV delivery such as. However, there is a need for more integration with devices at the endpoint in broadcast environments. Contentviewers need enhanced viewer experiences as well as specific service offerings. These problems are the reason why methods and systems are required. These and other requirements are addressed in the present disclosure.

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