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Headphones come with left and right earpieces mounted to rotatable arms and connected with a durable U -shaped band. The left and right earpieces can be positioned by folded the earpieces towards the headband, or by extending the earpieces away from the headband. The sensor determines the location of the left or right earpieces in order to switch the headphones between the three operating modes: a playback, standby, and off.

They are typically utilized to listen to audio files on electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, televisions and others. Some headphones are wireless which are powered by one or more internalbatteries. The batteries store a limited amount of charge , which is depleted through operation of the headphones, and require recharging before operation of the headphones can continue. Wireless headphones can be set to turn off/on automatically and/or go into sleep mode in order to conserve the battery’s power. Sleep and auto on/off modes can prolong the battery life of the headphones but can inhibit the listening experience of a person if not implemented in an intuitive and easy to implement way.

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