Can You Patent Website Functionality?

Can you patent website functionality? This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this process. In addition, it examines the Requirements and Cost of patenting your website functionality. If you’re considering patenting your website’s functionality, here are the most important steps to take before filing for patent protection. You can also find other helpful resources in this article. After reading it, you’ll be better equipped to decide whether you should patent your website’s functionality.

Requirements for patenting website functionality

Patenting website functionality requires a few steps. First, you must file an application with the USPTO. You may qualify to patent your website if it meets certain criteria. The complexity and type of your website will determine the filing fee. After filing, you will receive correspondence from the USPTO. You will need to respond to these communications within a short time frame. Eventually, you can receive your patent.

Besides the written description, you need to prepare the illustrations and the process of software generation. These will help the patent examiner to understand the exact workings of your website. Moreover, you should draft more than one claim. Because software patent laws change frequently, you may want to work with a patent attorney who specializes in software inventions. However, it is possible to prepare an application on your own, but it’s best to get the services of a professional patent attorney who can guide you through the process.